Corrective/balancing exercise

Have you ever wondered why a problem area keeps coming back regardless of the various treatments you receive?

Or why you just can’t seem to do that exercise or movement that you have always wanted to do?

Our bodies work like a seesaw, each muscle, movement and joint action has an opposite which balances it out.

Pain and dysfunction often occurs when an area is out of balance.

Generally this presents itself as tight painful areas of muscles and is commonly treated through the loosening of these areas, however in the majority of cases these area are tight for a reason; muscles weakness.

Loosening the tight area may provide fantastic temporary relief however if the weak muscle(s) are not strengthened they will continue to pull your body out of balance and re-aggravate your original complaint, causing you to need continual treatment to ease the symptoms.

At Finding Balance we offer the education and assignment of rehabilitative exercise which will strengthen the problem areas allowing comfort and flexibility in the normally chronically tight and sore spots!

The down side? Unfortunately unlike passive treatments that may only have short term benefit (manipulation such as chiropractic, massage etc) it is you that needs to take control of the treatment and commit to the exercises or program outside of your appointments. You may also need to start at the basics of muscle activation and balancing, but the benefits are well worth it!

You will notice a reduction and the eventual disappearance of pain and stiffness, a bigger range of motion, better posture (which makes you look fantastic!) and a feeling of overall better well-being and strength within yourself!