Myotherapy is a continuation of the remedial massage course. It involves the treatment of the soft tissues of the body; this includes muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Myotherapists are highly trained in the detection, correction and management of soft tissue related injury or dysfunction.

Through a variety of techniques such as massage, dry needling, trigger point therapy, cupping and various stretching and muscle energy techniques therapists strive to ensure these tissues are balanced and functioning as they should.
Their aim is to:
Find the source of pain and discomfort
Reduce and eliminate pain and tension
Relax and loosen tight muscles
Reduce and eliminate scar tissues and adhesion’s
Improve posture, range of motion and flexibility
Release ‘stuck’ joints
Prevent and rehabilitate injury
Enhance circulation of both the blood and lymph tissue
Aid in reducing unwanted wastes from the bodies systems
Decrease the effects of stress, anxiety and depression
Strengthen the immune system
Encourage nourishment of skin
Assist with sleep and digestive problems
Maintain balance of the soft tissues to enhance well being