What To Expect


At Finding Balance we aim to give you the best possible treatment and results.

The basic procedure is as follows;

As stated in the FAQ section clients are asked to arrive no more than 5 minutes early for there appointment as there is no waiting room available.

If it is your first visit to the clinic you will be asked about your issues and then given a form to complete, the form involves filling in basic medical information as well as contact details to ensure that you are given the safest and best possible treatment

You are then required to read a brief explanation of possible myotherapy outcomes and sign the bottom.

If you would like an advance copy of this form please email jgmassage@live.com.au

A physical assessment may then be required depending on your reasons for treatment.

This is done to detect issues and give your therapist a better idea of what may be causing them and may include:

  • Basic questioning
  • Postural assessment
  • Range of motion testing
  • Movement assessment
  • Nerve tests
  • Palpation of the area

A treatment plan is then formulated based on findings. This treatment will consist of massage and other myotherapy modalities and could also incorporate stretching/strengthening exercise and self care instruction

Your therapist will then leave the room and let you undress and get on the table, items of clothes removed depends on the area(s) to be treated.

All clients are asked to keep their underwear on at all times.

Once you are undressed and on the table treatment will commence. The pressure and style of treatment is dependent on your comfort and needs, if the pressure is too firm or soft please let me know and it can be changed to suit your preference.

Following the treatment the therapist will leave the room and let you get dressed, then if required, you will be shown stretching/strengthen exercises.

Once this is done payment is taken (cash only as we do not yet have eftpos facilities) and if will be given your health fund receipt if required.

It is always best to drink lots of water and stretch following any massage treatment.

As stated in the initial client form it is not unusual following deep tissue massage to experience soreness/tenderness for a day or two following treatment. This is just your body reacting and in a day or two you should feel great! This is not an issue following relaxation/light massage