Deep Tissue & Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a hands on approach that aims to identify problem areas in the body and loosen tight soft tissue structures (muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments) as well as increase blood and lymph flow.

These tight tissues are often the cause of pain and dysfunction and if left untreated can cause compensation and further imbalances.

Assessment of the soft tissues of the body enables the therapist to detect the underlying problem and treat the cause of pain or restriction as well as the symptoms.

Because the soft tissues of the body responds to touch, we are able to manipulate, soften, stretch and increase their flexibility

Deep tissue massage can be painful and uncomfortable if the tissues are tight and in need of treatment, but at Finding Balance we aim to work with you to ensure we work at a level you are comfortable with.

Remedial massage can be used as maintenance and treatment of injuries, pain, dysfunction and lowered range of motion as well as stress and other bodily alignments

If you choose it can also be used in conjunction with myotherapy and corrective exercise to achieve better overall body balance.